Learn the art of belly dance with Katrina, a multi-award winning professional belly dance performer and instructor! Katrina is based in Washington, DC but is available for belly dance workshops worldwide. She also offers Skype lessons.

Below is a sampling of the workshop topics currently on offer. Contact her to discuss your needs and to customize a workshop just for you!

Shimmy Thrills!
There are as many shimmies as there are dancers! Learn a few new ones and perfect those that you already know. In this workshop we will break down shimmies every dancer should know, offer tips for practicing your shimmies at home and growing your shimmy endurance. Katrina will also share secrets to layering with your shimmy. In addition, we will explore using shimmies with a variety of music to bring out nuances and emotion. This will be a high energy workshop, so don’t forget your water bottle!

Introduction to Veil
Dancing with a veil adds another layer of beauty and elegance to Oriental dance. This workshop will explore veil techniques, simple turns, traveling steps and techniques to create a beautiful silhouette. In addition, dancing with a veil is an excellent upper-body workout. Bring your veil and a smile.

Elegant Arms & Hands
Beautiful arms and hands are just as important as shimmies and accents. In this workshop we will explore integrating graceful arms and handwork into your practice to bring even more dynamics and polish to your performance. We will further explore using your arms and hands to add an element of unexpected drama. Katrina will offer tips for practicing these elements at home.

Dancing to the Egyptian Classics
Spend an afternoon being immersed in the classical music of Oum Kolthoum, Mohammed Abdul Wahab and Farid Al Atrash. The music of these legendary artists has timeless appeal throughout the Arab world. In this workshop, we will discuss several of these artists’ classic songs, including the context, lyrics, and performance. Expect to learn new combinations building on the melodies and layers in these songs.

Cairo Cabaret Combinations
Enjoy an afternoon filled with combinations from the Cairo nightclubs! Using a variety of music, we’ll cover gooey undulations and glamorous sassy moves, as well as weight transfers to get the most out of your transitions.

Introduction to Assaya (cane)
A fun and energetic workshop focused on dancing with an assaya (cane) and earthy Saidi dance styling. This workshop will include basic assaya technique, technique and combinations to the Saidi rhythm, costuming, and music. Bring your assaya and a smile.

Drum Solo Choreography
A dynamic and energetic drum solo is an integral part of a belly dancer’s repertoire. Drum solos allow you to show off your shimmies, accents and personality. In this workshop, Katrina will teach a fun and fast-paced drum solo choreography that will put the audience in the palm of your hand.

Dynamic Use of the Stage – Traveling Steps & Turns
Do you ever worry that your dance stays too much in the center of the stage? In this workshop, Katrina will focus on teaching you “go to” combinations of traveling steps and turns that will have you using all parts of the stage. You will learn to create patterns on the stage that build on your technique to show off all aspects of your dance.

Know Your Rhythms
The rhythms of Middle Eastern music provide the foundation belly dance. At the end of this workshop, you will recognize common rhythms found in Middle Eastern music, understand key cultural references, and have “go to” combinations for each rhythm. This knowledge will dramatically improve your musicality and ability to interpret drum solos.

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